intune massage therapy
be in tune with your own nature


I can say with confidence that Lisa is one of the most skilled and talented massage therapists that I have ever worked with. She is professional, warm and extremely knowledgeable. I owe Lisa a lifetime of gratitude for her magic touch. I had been trying to conceive my second child for over seven months and even had an appointment scheduled with a reproductive endocrinologist. Before seeing the doctor I went to see Lisa for a massage and explained my situation to her. She told me that she would work on special points to try to facilitate conception. That night my son was conceived. I am confident without any doubt that it was Lisa's magic touch that made this possible and I will be forever grateful.  Stefanie W.

I'm a licensed massage therapist and a highly sensitive person. I am very particular about who I allow to work on my body, because I know what good massage feels like, and I cannot settle for anything less. Good touch is rare a combination of training, boundaries, giftedness, skill, talent and compassion. Lisa is one of the few massage therapists I have met who consistently delivers this rare combination. I respect her work and I have been grateful to be a recipient.  Amy Eberhardt, LMT

I can't recommend Lisa DiBello highly enough. I have multiple running injuries (hip, knees, feet) that play off each other and cause a lot of pain, as well as adhesions and scarring from hip surgery. I have seen many, many LMTs over the years, and Lisa is the best of both massage therapist worlds: her technical knowledge is superb – she understands how muscles and tendons work and how to correct their problems – and she's intuitive. I can go to an appointment limping terribly and in pain, and leave standing inches taller. Also, she is the ultimate professional – while empathetic, she has great boundaries and is able to make your comfort paramount. I'd see her every week if I could!  Jennifer M.

I have been receiving consistently excellent massages from Lisa for several years. She is extremely knowledgeable and well trained — I feel how intuitive she is in knowing/sensing what to do to give me a wonderful massage experience. She is also sensitive to my needs and receptive to requests and suggestions. I leave the session feeling relaxed and happy in my body. Lisa has also helped to address underlying issues and give me practical suggestions for relief of tightness or pain and prevention of problems. Gail Naftalin

Lisa is an extraordinary massage therapist. Professionalism and talent is always a powerful combination. Her knowledge and technique are mastered to the highest degrees. I never had such good massages. I highly recommend her.  Steve J. 

Lisa is an incredibly skilled and compassionate massage therapist. She is a great listener and very sensitive to your body's specific needs. I greatly appreciate the unique environment she creates – the heated massage table, essential oils and music make the experience healing and transcendent. Lisa's bodywork makes my body feel restored and inspired for new adventures. Thank You. Grey G.

Lisa is a great massage therapist. She came to my work place in Manhattan and greatly helped me and my coworkers to pause, breathe and relax. She chose the perfect music in the background, and the perfect scents to gently smell while I was transported to a world of peace and rest. I can't wait for my next massage. She is truly talented and gifted with such a precious, healing touch. Chiara Mortaroli

I've gone to Lisa Di Bello a couple of times so far, and two words come to mind in describing her massage: depth and specificity.  Not only has it been a deeply relaxing and reinvigorating experience overall (reinvigorated is how I felt the next day; deep sleep is what I experienced the night of), but her knowledge and skill as a licensed massage therapist enabled her to reach problem areas I could barely describe but that I knew were chronic sources of pain.  While I haven't sampled the various modalities she offers, I'm aware that she has studied extensively both here and abroad in Thailand.  I believe her practice is women-only, and she is also trained and experienced in pregnancy massage.  She is a very gentle person, but with very firm hands when needed!  Her practice in the South Slope, so I feel particularly blessed to have found her! Rahti Gorfien, Life Coach and Theater Artist