intune massage therapy
be in tune with your own nature

Practitioner Bio

Lisa DiBello, Licensed Massage Therapist, Swedish Insititute of Health Sciences, NYC

BA Psychology, City University of New York SPS

twenty years of ongoing, licensed practice and continuous trainings.

California State License #71813; New York State License # 013955; New Mexico State License # 4667; Oregon State License # 7718


Lisa has been in private practice and employed at spa and healing facilities continuously since her graduation from the Swedish Institute in NYC and subsequent NY State licensure in 2000.

Her experience also includes teaching Swedish Massage at a luxury residence spa in Tokyo, Japan. While living in Tokyo, her client list ranged from US and foreign dignitaries (including a former U.S. President) to stay-at-home moms.

Lisa has lived and traveled extensively in Asia, and has resided in six US States, both East and West Coasts, the SouthWest and Colorado.

The primary focus of her practice is Swedish Massage but also includes Pre-Natal Massage, Thai Massage (with two years full-time residence in Thailand), Traditional Chinese Medicine (with one year of formal full-time study in Beijing, PRC) and Aquatic Bodywork with certification in Watsu I and II  completed at Harbin Hotsprings, in Middletown, California.

Lisa's travel and five-year residence in Asia has deepened her strong interest in learning to communicate without the use of spoken language - to look beyond differences with kindness and compassion and to honor commonality in all beings.

Swedish Massage
The Swedish Institute for Massage Therapy (College of Health Sciences) - 1000 Hours - New York, NY; Associate in Occupational Studies - Massage Therapy, December, 2000

Esalen® Massage
100 hours - Char Pias, Jessica Fagen
September, 2016

Watsu® Aquatic Bodywork
Harbin Hotsprings School For Shiatsu And Massage200 Hours - Watsu 1 with Meri Terri Thomas/ Watsu 2 with Alexis Lee - September, 2009 Middletown, CA USA

Watsu - Intro to Watsu at Breitenbush Hot Springs, Oregon with Jeanne Edwards, October, 2003

TCM - Traditional Chinese Medicine
Beijing University for Traditional Chinese Medicine – September, 2007- June, 2008 Beijing, People’s Republic of China

Beijing Massage Hospital – Tuina Massage Therapy - 30 hours – July, 2007 Beijing, People’s Republic of China

Traditional Thai Massage Therapy
Pichest Bonthumme, Chiang Mai, Thailand  – 60 Hours-ongoing – start date: August, 2006 - ongoing

Sunshine School of Traditional Thai Massage, Chiang Mai, Thailand -  60 hours – January, 2008; Traditional Thai Massage Therapy

Wat Pho Traditional Thai Massage School, Bangkok, Thailand -  30 hours – January 2006 - Traditional Thai Massage Therapy

I-Thai Massage – Santa Fe, NM - with James Peckham  - 30 Hours - January 2005

Traditional Thai Massage – Portland, OR – with David Weitzer Level I 16 hours – February, 2003

The Swedish Institute for Massage Therapy  School of Continuing Education, NYC - 6 CEU - October, 2013
Shiatsu and Emotions with Katherine Powers, LMT

SPA and miscellaneous TRAININGS

5Rhythms - Heartbeats  - with Lucia Horan, Esalen Institute, April 2016

Ten Thousand Waves – Santa Fe, NM - Spa Training – August 2004

Upledger Institute – Portland, OR - Manual Lymphatic Drainage Level I –  May, 2002

Breema Northwest – Portland, OR – 4.5 contact hours January, 2003