intune massage therapy
be in tune with your own nature

Recommended Destinations

Breitenbush Hot Springs  If you find yourself in the Pacific Northwest, be sure to visit these healing waters.  Breitenbush is where I had my first WATSU experience, as well as other bodywork trainings.  It is a beautiful day-trip from Portland, or an overnight stay in the cabins with floors heated by hot spring water. They also have camping options.

Ten Thousand Waves  If you're ever in Santa Fe, NM, be sure to spend some time at this lovely healing center.  Before I moved to Japan, I lived in NM, where I had the good fortune to enjoy working in an environment that promotes healing not just for its guests but for its many talented therapists.  The owner has a keen understanding of Japanese culture and aesthetic, and it is evident from your first step up the hill and into the tranquil gardens and architecture that envelop your senses.

Tenzan Hot Springs  If you have the opportunity to be in Tokyo, Japan, be sure to take a day trip (or more) to Hakone and try out this accessible onsen.  This is an easy get-away in a lovely little hot spring town with many onsen and ryokan.  Tenzan was my first of many onsen experiences while I lived in Japan, and was recommended by my Ten Thousand Waves friends.  The crew at Ten Thousand Waves are a great resource for Japanese onsen information and run Japan travel tours.

Harbin Hot Springs For a getaway that may include one of numerous healing workshops or trainings, this healing resort provides aquatic bodywork from some of this most highly regarded in the professional community and is the birthplace of the Watsu discipline.  When I did my training in Watsu I and II, I spent two weeks tent camping on the grounds here, which is not only an economical but serene lodging option.

Forra Dive Resort  For the adventurous, dive with Forra.  During my stay in South Thailand, I had my first SCUBA experience in the Andaman Sea (so, I am forever spoiled...) and trained in advanced diving with Antoine and his team.  This is a resort for true relaxation that will stay in your bones, as is the experience of diving in these pristine waters.

Slope Wellness In the heart of Park Slope, Brooklyn, Jeff and Dawn have created a wonderful healing space that I feel blessed to have been a  part of.

Greenspan Center  This is a lovely facility where you can find aquatic bodywork right here in Brooklyn and where I began to practice my WATSU skills.  Tiina and Ben provide Waterdance and WATSU as well as many other healing modalities.