intune massage therapy
be in tune with your own nature


Healing is a journey unique to each individual.  It is an ongoing and loving dialogue that you have for yourself whereby you continue to learn to reach your greatest potential.


What does it mean to be Intune with your own nature?  Being Intune means directly accessing your innate knowledge and intuition about how to live at your optimum level of health.  We can do this more easily when we address physical and emotional tension that we may hold in our bodies.

When we experience the magic of massage therapy, we are instantly brought into a quiet space with ourselves.  In that space, we feel all sorts of things that our busy minds do not ordinarily allow us to feel.  Often, the subtlest amount of pressure or even just lying still can tell us where we hold tension in our bodies.  It’s very important to find those places, and at your own pace, work them out with your massage therapist in an environment of trust, safety and compassion.  
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